Here’s a question for discussion. Some friends and I discussed this the other day. Do you think that ethics and morality (good bad, right wrong) are natural to humans or do you think they (ethics and morality) are a result of religion? Or maybe another influence. What do you think?


  1. Self serving behavior, that’s interesting. I’m wondering this. If we don’t have a learned moral compass such as from religious teaching or upbringing, do we then have a built in ethical, moral ability or not. And how could we tell the difference? Sounds like the babies Know good from bad but turn it on or off to suit their wants/needs.


    • Looking at the teachings and moral thoughts from all over the world and through the centuries, there are great similarities among them. This might suggest that a certain basic morality is part of the essential makeup of humanity. The details of a given outlook on right and wrong vary a lot, but the underlying notions seem to be similar or the same. An interesting book dealing with this topic is The Abolition of Man, by C.S. Lewis.


      • Thanks for the comment, I agree. I think right and wrong, good and bad are sociatal learnings. If a human lived in complete isolation from other humans, right and wrong would pertain only to the good of the individual as far as survival goes.


  2. I saw part of a report on TV last week on a study with babies. Their conclusions were that they recognize good and bad, but will ignore the bad behavior if they relate to another baby that shares a common like or characteristic.


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