In the blackness of this night a single star
shines momentarily through the clouds
like a tiny eye peeking through a hole in a wall
spying, seeking the forbidden. Desire.

Soon the star is gone; covered over
by the swiftly moving clouds as if
the seeker were suddenly discovered
and the hole, blotted out.

Do we not all wonder, secretly at times
at things hidden in the past or gaze with
unfocused eyes into the future
to fathom what might be?

Have you ever thought what might have happened
upon stone alters with carved blood troughs or
imagined the dances of wild abandon
within stone circles? Ever?

Have you never thought for one moment
what it would be like to drink the elixir of Gods
and drunkenly have ever fantasy fulfilled
with no consequence to follow?

Peeking through that secret hole to watch
others take part in rituals
so dark and delicious
it makes you blush just to think of it.

And what of races from other worlds?
what will they make of us when they finally discover
us here? Will we be as primitive to them as the
builders of the stepped pyramids are to us?

Will our ceremonies be forbidden fruit,
or will we be dull and lifeless?
Looking through the hole, will they leave us
behind for other more fantastic worlds?

Or will their desire to see and to know
cause them to make our darkest dreams and fears
come true? What will the fulfilling of their
desires bring to us?

The minds eye sees what we make it see.
And on this darkest of nights I see shapes dancing
and whirling at the edges of vision. Feathers in their hair,
blood on their lips and desire. Oh that forbidden thing, desire.

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